Today,I am going to Annouce The New Objectives of The Staff Members.

First of all, Wiki Objectives:

  1. Be Active.
  2. Be Aware of the new features/things going on Wiki.
  3. Please Talk/communicate with your other staff fellows and Discuss About something new on the Wiki.

Wiki Users Contolling Objectives:

  1. Be Friendly with the users.
  2. Try to talk to them and create a trust with them.
  3. Don't Abuse AND Insult a contributor,Because they are the one using and giving time to wiki.They should be appreciated.
  4. Tolerate for 3 times if the User do it again then Block him for 1 week not for forever.If he's back and doing it again let the matter to be in my hands.

Editing Objectives:

  1. Try To edit as much as you can.
  2. Make Funny Jokes and Pages and Stories so Users can be happy to read them.
  3. Make Fanfics and Funny Short Stories on blog posts and when It is going to be known as "Popular" You will get a message to make a page about it.
  4. Tell the users to Edit happily and Freely but tell them not to use some Vulgur and inappropiate words.

Thank you Staff,You can complete these objectives :)

Have Fun ! Your Friend and The Founder Of The Wiki Aleeha !