Why can't I give another user privileges?Edit

Users cannot access some tools when they don't have user rights. If a user has its bureaucrat and admin rights revoked by Wikia Staff, they cannot re-grant them back. They can be revoked for one of the reasons:

  • The rights were abused and vandalized.
  • A user is inactive (by request of the community).
  • User request.
  • Found to be as an alternative account which is a sockpuppet.
  • A user was denied from adopting a wiki and still has it on a wiki for one of the following reasons:
    • The user was founded, adopted or given admin access on a wiki and has not waited 60 days and sneaked for admin rights by telling an admin to grant user rights on the wiki even if contributions are good.
    • An admin granted the user rights to a user and someone contacted a staff if a user doesn't have enough edits.
    • A user was blocked from another wiki.
  • Editing MediaWiki interfaces into nonsense, spam, harassment, hate speech, threats, vandalism and more.
  • Mass promoting users with few edits.

What can't blocked users do?Edit

If a user is suspected of breaking Wikia's Terms of Use or a local community's guidelines, they may be blocked by staff or a local admin. Blocked users can't:

  • Edit or move pages
  • Delete or protect pages
  • Upload files
  • Change the rights of others

In some cases, blocked users are also prevented from emailing other users, creating new accounts, and editing their own user talk page only if decided by the local admins, Wikia Staff, Helpers and VSTF.

How can I find different users?Edit

See Special:ListUsers and choose the "administrators", "rollback", or "bureaucrats" check boxes, and click "Show". You will also see a column showing the date of the user's most recent edit, so you can find users that have been active most recently.

Can user rights messages be edited?Edit

You can customize the user rights message by altering MediaWiki:Userrights-groups-help on your wiki.

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