Hi guys!!! i m back!

sometimes i consider myself very lucky to have friends like i have have. so i thought y not write the names and my friends from all around the world and one word to describe each of them! i have a lot of friends :P so i am not gonna name allbut just a few...

aleeha. i met her on the austin an dally wiki in january and we became very good friends just after talking ones! i guess it was the connection between us which lead us to be such good friends! love u aleeha!

red. i met her at the austin and ally wiki too! she was the one who welcomed me to the wiki and her sweet and kind words were very sweet. :)

tian. we haven't known eachother since long, but still we connect very well! this connection between us makes us really good friends!! :)

agos. i met her on tweeter. she is a R5 fan and through that we became really good friends. we talk al lot on whatsapp and skype!

hritik. another fellow i met on twitter and the first indian R5/Austin and ally fan :P this was a big reason y we started talting and then it turned out that he is a really nice guy and we r really good friends now!! :)

chetna. she is my best friend in my school. she is deffinetly one of the sweetest and nicest person i have ever met! she has always helped me when i didn't even ask for her help! she always knows if i am in some sort of trouble. i just love her! :)

guarav. he is another guys from my school and is one of the most funny people i have ever met. he is really sarcastic and irritating at times, but if he's not around, it seems very quite... :)

so, here it is!!! these r not all my friends, but some of my favorites! :P my friends 

but i love all my friends and i feel lucky and fortunate to have them because without them my life would have been empty! love u all guys!! <3 <3 :* :* 

tell me and everyone else about your best friends and what is that u love about them!!!

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