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    my best friends!

    March 22, 2014 by Asmitapandey7

    Hi guys!!! i m back!

    sometimes i consider myself very lucky to have friends like i have have. so i thought y not write the names and my friends from all around the world and one word to describe each of them! i have a lot of friends :P so i am not gonna name allbut just a few...

    aleeha. i met her on the austin an dally wiki in january and we became very good friends just after talking ones! i guess it was the connection between us which lead us to be such good friends! love u aleeha!

    red. i met her at the austin and ally wiki too! she was the one who welcomed me to the wiki and her sweet and kind words were very sweet. :)

    tian. we haven't known eachother since long, but still we connect very well! this connection between us makes us really goo…

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  • Asmitapandey7

    Be A Good Friend

    March 8, 2014 by Asmitapandey7

    Friendship Forever...?

    Two inseparable friends, Sam and Jason, met with an accident on their way to Boston City. The following morning, Jason woke up blind and Sam was still unconscious. Dr. Berkeley was standing at his bedside looking at his health chart and medications with a thoughtful expression on his face. When he saw Sam awake, he beamed at him and asked." How are you feeling today Sam?" Sam tried to put up a brave face and smiled back saying, "absolutely wonderful Doctor. I am very grateful for all that you have done for me. "Dr Berkeley was moved at Sam's deed. All that he could say was, "You are a very brave man Sam and God will make it up to you in one way or another". While he was moving on to the next patient, Sam called back a…

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