Trez (Tr/ish and D/ez) is the friendship/romantic pairing of Dez and Trish. It is unknown if they like each other, but it is supported by many fans of the show.

Trez MomentsEdit

Season 1Edit

Rockers & WritersEdit

Trish and Dez almost high five, but decide against it.

  • When Austin shows Ally the short song he made, Dez said he wrote the last part, possibly trying to impress Trish.
  • Trish and Dez stand close to each other while Austin and Ally are talking.
  • There is an entire scene of them dancing together, and at the end of the scene, Dez picks Trish up.
  • Dez said "Me likey" when Trish showed him the shocking finger.
  • Dez especially tries to show Trish the perfume.[1]

Kangaroos & ChaosEdit

  • They sit next to each other while watching the video of Lestergetting beat up by the kangaroo romantically.
  • Trish says while Dez is getting beaten by the kangaroo, she says she doesn't want him to get beaten up, but it's so funny.

Secrets & SongbooksEdit

  • Trish remembered that Dez's gingerbread man was named Benjamin.
  • Trish liked Benjamin & Dez made it, so she likes Dez's baking.

Zaliens & Cloud WatchersEdit

[2]Trez<3*Trish and Dez spend time together and realize they have more in common than they thought.

  • They love to hang out a lot.
  • They both dressed up like Zaliens at the horror movie convention.[3]
  • They appear to have the same favorite number; 2.
  • They both have the same favorite horror movie, Zaliens.
  • When Trish got a job at T-Shirt World, Trish had a picture of Dez on her shirt and because they were friends (at the time) Dez got a best-friend discount and he revealed his shirt with a picture of Trish on it.
  • Dez refers to Trish as his best friend and smiles.
  • The petty way they fight at the end is kind to a married couple (They stop being friends just because they don't have the same favorite pizza topping).                                                                                              [4]

Bloggers & ButterfliesEdit

  • They both get a job at Pirate Franks.[5]
  • Dez laughs when Trish says that Ally is going to puke on someone.
  • They both work together to get fired and start laughing when Pirate Frank orders them to get out.
  • Trish liked Dez's idea.

Tickets & TrashbagsEdit

  • When Trish asked what the others thought of her dress, she looked at Dez.
  • Trish seemed offended when Dez said her dress was awful and Dez seemed embarrassed.[6]
  • They start dancing nervously after they run into each other on stage.
  • They both eventually caught on to the dance, showing that they are both fast learners and good dancers.
  • Trish stood close to Dez when she said, "I think we were supposed to catch him."
  • Trish looked up at Dez when he said that if he was wearing real pants he'd give them to Austin.
  • Dez and Trish looked at each other guiltily when they saw Shiny Money in a gurney.
  • Trish tells Dez, "Someday you'll have to take that helmet off. And I'll be waiting." Maybe to kiss.
  • She says the above in somewhat of a seductive tone of voice. He looks surprised at her response, almost in a daze.
  • Dez thinks Trish and Ally were playing the "Finish the Sentence" game, so he decided to join it. He tells Trish to say something. She says, "Dez you're such a-", then Dez interrupts, saying "Elephant, tractor, pineapple!". Trish decides to sarcastically reply, agreeing with him.

Club Owners & QuinceanerasEdit

  • Dez looks like he's checking Trish out when he tells her that zebra is her color.[7]
  • Dez decides to hang out with Trish's legs. She then kicks him and starts laughing.
  • Dez helps Trish decide on her entrance to the party.
  • Trish tries to give Dez advice on learning languages to help him out.
  • Dez holds up a present to Trish, which was the only present that had not broken from his fall. The present seems to be a pink glass heart, if looked at it closely.
  • Dez saves one of Trish's birthday presents and says "they're not all broken." He then drops it and it breaks.

Deejays & DemosEdit

  • Dez tells both Trish and Ally "the news".
  • Dez comes out from behind Trish in the crowd at the beach.[8]
  • Trish seems impressed when Dez hypnotizes Austin.
  • Trish hypnotizes Dez into thinking there's a mouse in his pants and she seems amused when he starts jumping around.

World Records & Work WreckersEdit

  • Dez tells her he's going to break a world record and Trish tells him that there can only be one record holder out of him and Austin.
  • Dez tries to show her he can spin a plate on his finger like he wants to impress her.
  • When he comes back with a smoothie, he stops right beside Trish.
  • When he tries to set the record for not blinking, he is staring directly at Trish.
  • Trish and Dez (along with Austin) look strangely at Ally as she continues to laugh at her own joke.
  • Dez acknowledges Trish when he and Austin walk up to her and Ally in the food court.
  • Dez looks only at Trish when saying, "Well, it's the easier-est thing I've ever done!"

Songwriting & StarfishEdit

  • Dez agrees that Trish is a terrible employee, something that she has said before.
  • Dez smiles and points at Trish when she is playing the cow bell.
  • Trish and Dez sit next to each other the entire time the police officer is interrogating them.[9]Hug<3
  • Dez tells Trish that "It is never a waste to tell somebody you love them!".
  • When Dez comes back from being in the water, he stops next to Trish.
  • Dez and Trish (along with Austin) laugh at Ally when she gets stuck in the beach chair.
  • Trish offers to rip the starfish off Dez's face back at the beach and does so in the police station.
  • Trish agrees its a good idea to call Dez.
  • Trish and Dez are handcuffed together and they have no where else to go.
  • Trish and Dez are next to each other when they are listening to the radio at the beach.
  • Dez has his arm around Trish during the group hug and she has her head on his shoulder.

Soups & StarsEdit

[10]*Trish implies she taught Dez "to get paid, not to work".

  • Trish smiles and nods at Dez after Ally reads Austin's twit about eating pancakes with Dez.
  • Dez and Trish (and Austin) unfollow Ally in Tweeter.
  • When she and Mrs. Suzy first walk up to the table, she stops beside Dez.
  • Dez smiles amusingly at Trish when she tells them her nickname.
  • They both seem happy for each other when they both receive gold stars.
  • Trish and Dez laugh at Austin's comment on Tweeter.
  • Dez is amused by Trish's "acting".
  • Trish seems impressed by Dez's tap dancing.
  • Trish and Dez join in singing with Austin.

Burglaries & BoobytrapsEdit

  • Dez uses Trish's hair extensions as a beard.
  • Trish uses her hair extensions as a way to pull Dez out of the glue.
  • Dez calls Trish nice when she offers to share her prizes with the rest of them and is excited when she gives him a candle.

MyTAB & My PetEdit

  • If Trish had actually stayed at the mall that night, her sleeping bag would be right next to Dez's.
  • Dez asks Trish to hide him when they spot Mindy coming.
  • Trish grabs the fake Owen from Dez.[11]
  • Trish looked jealous after Mindy and Dez confirm their date.
  • Dez and Trish are at Austin's acoustic performance at Sonic Boom.
  • Dez kept nudging Trish throughout Austin's performance.
  • Trish looks at Dez and Mindy as they dance.
  • When Trish said "Hey guys", Dez actually looked at her and smiled.
  • Trish is the only one who laughs with Dez when he teased Ally.

Filmmaking & Fear BreakingEdit

  • Dez gives Trish a part in his movie.
  • Dez said he was going to name the crab after her.
  • Dez seemed impressed as Trish did her skit from the school play she was in.
  • Dez ran over to Trish when she was pretending to call for help, like he really cared for Trish also like he wanted to save her.
  • Dez changes the line to "Why, why'd you take my sister" after Trish suggested it.
  • Dez wanted Trish annoyed on purpose.

Diners & DatersEdit

  • Trish and Dez dance the "Raspberry Robot".[12]
  • Trish stands up for Dez after she realizes that Mindy was taking advantage of him.
  • Trish calls Dez her friend.
  • She also calls him "Dezzy-Roo", before she realizes what she said.
  • Trish quits because she thinks Mindy is taking advantage of Dez's Chicken Pot Pie problem.
  • Dez moved to a table with Trish, when he was with Mindy.
  • Dez and Trish seem to be having fun talking to each other.
  • This is the first time Trish defended Dez for anything, or did him a "favor".

Everglades & Ally-GatorsEdit

  • Trish wants to be in Dez's Movie.
  • They both blew out power.
  • Dez says he wants to look for "Big Momma" with Trish.
  • Dez teases Trish throughout the whole episode in a joking, flirty manner.
  • Dez was scared to go alone so he asked Trish.
  • Dez told Trish he was scared to go alone
  • Trish seemed really flattered by the fact that Dez considers themselves friends
  • Trish was paid $20.00 by Dez to look for the monster.
  • Dez considers Trish a friend.
  • When Trish was dragging Dez to the window, she was holding his hand
  • They talked to each other more than any other character in this episode.
  • Dez made his production about Trish being a monster.
  • At the end of the episode Trish said "I love it!" and hugged Dez really tight.
  • Dez enjoyed the hug.
  • They both went into the hug naturally, for the first time.
  • Even though Trish said the price of friendship was $20, Dez still gave her the money meaning he wants to be around her.

Albums & AuditionsEdit

  • Trish and Dez (along with Austin) were helping Ally get into MUNY.
  • When Dez asked Ally is she can teach him how to kiss, he glanced at Trish for a quick second.
  • Dez grabbed Trish's hand while it was on the table.
  • It's the first time Dez made Trish realize something.
  • Dez puts his hand on Trish's shoulder while she is telling him he made her realize something.

Season 2Edit

Costumes & CourageEdit

  • Trish corrected Dez's pumpkin carving of Taylor Swift.[13]
  • Trish was curious about what Dez was doing with the ghost hunting kit.
  • They went upstairs to the haunted house together.
  • They went ghost hunting together.
  • While Austin and Ally were performing "Don't Look Down" they were both happy that Ally finally sang on stage.
  • Trish seemed jealous when all the girls thought Dez was Austin.

Backups & BreakupsEdit

  • Dez and Trish watched a romance movie together (with Trent).

[14]*Dez was telling Trish his secret.

  • When Dez was telling Trish his secret they were holding hands.
  • Dez got worried when Ally had a hunch about Trish dating.
  • Trish told Dez her secret which means she trusts him.
  • When Trish gave the motion for Dez to vote for Trent he winked in a flirty way.
  • They hugged at the lockers after Trent got the part for the new back-up dancer marking their second hug of the series.
  • When Trish said that they only need one dancer, and that the rest of them are losers, Dez said the same thing but in a different way. [15]
  • [16]When Ally tells Dez and Austin that Trent is using Trish, Dez is the only one that says something, which means he feels bad for Trish.
  • In the end confrontation with Trent, Dez says 'nobody gets to be mean to Trish, except me. We're mean to each other it's kind of our thing. Well technically she's more mean than I am to her..." And Trish cuts him off saying "okay, that'll do Dez."
  • When Austin says, "well sorry or not, you're fired," to Trent, Dez [and Ally] back him up by saying, "ya!", defending Trish.
  • Austin and Ally think they're dating and could see their 'moments'.

Magazines & Made-Up StuffEdit

[17]*After Ally and Austin jumped off the bridge, Dez asked Trish to hold his hand so they could jump off together (similar to how Austin asked Ally) but Trish refused.

  • They were on the same side of the bridge.

Crybabies & CologneEdit

  • He told Trent to leave Sonic Boom when Trent tried to apologize to Trish.

Big Dreams & Big ApplesEdit

  • Dez cleaned up Trish's mess. Ally said he didn't have to, but he said he cleans it up because he cares, meaning he might care about Trish.
  • When Dez told them all to not look because he didn't want them to know his hiding spot for his money she covered her eyes like everyone else, but then snuck a peak.

Ferris Wheels & Funky BreathEdit

  • After Dez says, "Please Trish! Pretty please!" Trish sighs before giving in. She then remarks that she'll fall [18]asleep, as usual, when Dez tells her stories, implying that Dez tells her a lot.
  • Trish takes the caramel apple from Dez and puts it on his head and laughs. Afterwards, he takes the apple off and continues to eat it.
  • Trish and Dez are backstage alone. 
  • When walking into the photo booth, Dez opens the curtain and lets Trish come in first, then him. He doesn't seem to open it for anyone else.

Girlfriends & Girl FriendsEdit

  • Trish congratulated Dez (and is the only one.)
  • When Dez was about to say that Kira's breath stunk, Trish punched him lighter then usual.
  • Dez kept filming Trish when they were having pizza.
  • He was genuinely concerned for her potentially developing a cavity in her upper left wisdom tooth.
  • They both think that Austin and Ally are cute together.
  • When Ally and Trish are eating the leftover picnic food, Trish wonders where Dez is.

Campers & ComplicationsEdit

  • Trish offers to hang out with Dez when he has no one to hang out with.
  • Trish needs someone to go to the spa with, and Dez goes with her. Dez gives her the money to go.[19]
  • Trish asks Dez to clean the counters with her.
  • Trish asked Dez to hang out with her tonight.
  • Trish does the bird motion, resembling Dez.
  • She later admits that she hung out with Dez too much.
  • She calls him a good friend.
  • Before Trish asks Dez to clean up, he excitedly thinks she meant play with him.
  • After Dez asks her to play with him, she does.
  • Dez seems very happy when Trish offers to hang out with him.
  • They spend a lot of time together in this episode.
  • They said they had fun spending time with each other.
  • Dez gets excited when Trish's asks to hang out again.

Chapters & ChoicesEdit

  • They were discussing how Austin and Ally should be together.
  • They both told Austin and Ally the same thing when separated: "We weren't really talking about the song. We were talking about you and Ally/Austin".
  • When the scene shows the two pairs trying to eavesdrop on the other pair, Trish and Dez's hands seem so[20] close to actually touching.
  • Ally thinks that Dez will want to marry Trish.
  • Dez and Trish are the only ones who saw Austin and Ally kiss and the only ones who knew they kiss.
  • They both had the same shocked look on their face when Austin and Ally kissed.
  • They were depressed along with (Austin & Ally) when Kira said she wanted to be Austin's girlfriend.
  • Ally says that her biggest fear is that Dez will marry Trish and they would want to live with her.
  • They sat together before and after the Auslly duet.
  • Trish and Dez were the entertainment at Penny's book release party when Austin and Ally were not performed. 
  • They both really wanted Austin and Ally to be together. 
  • They are both hardcore Auslly shippers.
  • They seemed to get along more in this episode.

Partners & ParachutesEdit

  • They hung out mostly in the end.
  • They were both very happy when Austin serenades Ally.[21]
  • They both were happy that Austin and Ally were finally a couple.
  • They were standing next to each other when Austin serenaded Ally.
  • When Dez turned and put his 'Team Ally' shirt, Trish looked at him with a smile.

Freaky Friends & Fan FictionEdit

  • Dez gave Trish a money tree.
  • Dez was gasping after Chuck winked and flirted with Trish.

Note: There weren't a lot of Trez moments since this episode is not in chronological order and is totally fiction.

Couples & CareersEdit

  • Dez and Trish work together on the Zaliens video instead of Austin and Dez.
  • Trish says Dez is an awesome director.
  • Dez nods when Trish says she's an amazing actor.
  • When Trish said "whattttt" she sounded like Ally did when she was caught staring at Dallas (Her former crush)
  • When Trish complimented Dez and she said ' whaaatt' she might possibly also be doing it because she might like Dez.
  • They got along well in this episode.[22]
  • Dez hung out with Trish while Austin and Ally were spending time together.
  • They had a high-five three times.
  • They were both a bit upset that Austin and Ally had broken up.
  • When Dez said that he will never get over the fact that Austin and Ally had broken up Trish give him a smile.

Spas & SpicesEdit

  • Dez thought that Trish was asking him to go to the spa with her.
  • Dez asked Trish for a neck rub
  • Trish basically forewarned Dez of what could happen if she put her hands on his neck instead of just doing it and hurting him.
  • Dez was upset when he realized Trish asked Ally to go to the spa with her instead of him.
  • He tried to convince Trish to let him go to the spa with her.

Solos & Stray KittiesEdit

  • Dez confirmed Trish after she said no one reads fine prints.
  • They were alone in the waiting room.[23]
  • Trish looked jealous after Dez admitted to like Glamour Kitty.
  • Trish and Dez high five each other.

Boy Songs & BadgesEdit

  • Trish called Dez an "Honorer Pioneer Ranger" when she gave him the badge.

Tracks & TroublesEdit

  • Dez wanted Trish to feel his coat.
  • Trish hugged Dez (Group hug) and she felt his coat.
  • Trish stood right behind Dez after messing up Kira's song, both gaping in shock.

Viral Videos & Very Bad DancingEdit

Tunes & TrialsEdit

  • They both were watching Crime and Judgement together at the beginning of the episode.
  • They spent four days together watching Crime and Judgement, as said by Trish
  • They both were working on who Austin wrote Steal Your Heart for.
  • Dez was telling Trish about what he saw when he saw Austin with all his ex-girlfriends.
  • Dez took a magazine from Trish, and Trish didn't do anything about it.
  • Dez wanted Trish to know that he makes a 'pretty mean wedding cake'.
  • They were both convinced Austin wrote Steal Your Heart about Ally.
  • When Austin confessed to Ally that Steal Your Heart was about her, they both had the same look on their faces.
  • They were interrogating Austin together.

Beach Bums & BlingEdit

  • Dez called Trish adorable.
  • Dez booped Trish's nose.

Family & FeudsEdit

  • Trish was worried when Dez fainted.
  • When Dez fainted Trish said "Dez!" because she was worried, she was also the only who said "Dez" when he fainted.
  • Dez gave Trish $20 so she can be on his side of breaking up Chuck and Didi.

Real Life & Reel LifeEdit

  • They had a Team Austin and Ally meeting together at the beginning of the episode.
  • They were both working on making an Austin & Ally movie about their partnership.
  • Dez told Trish that he was worried about the movie when Austin and Ally couldn't stop fighting.
  • Trish said to Dez that she was worried that Austin and Ally would never make up.
  • They did a scene together for the movie.
  • They both wanted to bring Austin and Ally back together and make them friends again.
  • When Dez came up with the idea to do the scene from Chapters & Choices, when Ally over comes her stage fright, Trish immedietly agreed to the idea.
  • When Austin and Ally kept kissing for the movie when Dez said 'cut!' they were both suprised that they wouldn't stop.
  • They were both happy that Austin and Ally recolided.
  • When Austin and Ally were singing You Can Come To Me, Dez turned to Trish and smiled at her and she smiled back.
  • Trish and Dez pretend to be Austin and Ally at one point, and it is likely that they ship Auslly, meaning that they were shipping themselves.

Season 3Edit

Road Trips & ReunionsEdit

  • Dez and Trish were standing happily next to each other watching Austin's performance.
  • Both Dez and Trish didnt know about the note Austin gave to Ally
  • They both said at the same time "What thing?" and "The thing that you put in the card that you gave her?"
  • It was revealed when they said what they did over the weekend that they spent time together (Trish watched dez throw up)
  • Dez used Trish's toothbrush
  • She said that he could use her toothpaste.
  • They played the game Sorry together while on the bus ride.
  • Dez didnt care that Trish stopped the game, stating not everythings a competition.
  • When Dez bought a bag of Crunchie Cheese Puffs Trish grabbed it from him and stomped them and then smiled, yet he knew to buy another one. This could imply that he knew Trish would do that so he came prepared.
  • In many instances Trish and Dez are standing near each other as seen in the tour bus, backstage where Austin and Ally see each other again and so on.

What Ifs & Where's AustinEdit

  • Trish and Dez are both worried about Austin.
  • They both imagine what life would be like without Austin.
  • Dez asks Trish (and Ally) if she'll be his friend.
  • When Trish sang in Sonic Boom Dez smiled showing he enjoyed her singing.
  • Dez follows Trish (and Ally) around.
  • Trish wants Dez to be her assistant.
  • Dez wants to be Trish's director.
  • Dez agrees to be Trish's "friend" (though he's really her assistant).
  • Dez doesn't believe Ally when she says that Trish is using him.[24]
  • When Trish starts being snobby, Dez doesn't get upset with her like Ally does.
  • While Trish performed Dez enjoyed it, shown when he danced and sang her song backstage
  • Dez is the only person who doesn't abandon Trish.
  • Trish realizes that Dez wasn't just her assistant.
  • Dez is excited when he thinks that Trish thinks of him as a friend.
  • Trish tells him that he's more than a friend.
  • Trish signals for Dez to kiss her.
  • Dez kisses her.
  • When Trish and Dez pull apart in the story, real-life Trish and Dez panic.
  • Dez is offended when Trish says that the worst part of the story was kissing him.
  • Dez tries to convince her that the worst part isn't kissing him.
  • Trish admits to Ally that the worst part of the story wasn't kissing him, it was losing Ally as a best friend.
  • Dez teases Trish when she admits that the worst part of the story wasn't kissing him and starts making kissy faces at her.
  • They both scream after they imagine them kissing.

Austin & Alias

  • Trish and Dez spent most of the epsiode together
  • Dez knew that animal print was Trish's thing, but he decided to try it out too. This can imply he wants to try and do and where stuff she likes.
  • Trish liked Dez's jaguar backback and his hat he wore.
  • When Dez showed Trish his jaguar backpack he made a clawing gesture at her and growled in a sassy flirty way. He also said it was so sheek meaning he may be starting to like Trish's style of animal print.
  • When Ronnie Ramone left, Dez told everyone to take a deep breath and said " Trish is a good manager, I'm sure shes starting to come up with a brilliant solution to get us out of this mess". This shows he thinks Trish is a good manager and that he believes in her.
  • After Dez said he was sure Trish had a plan he made a gesture to her face and sweetley said "Right Trish?"
  • After Trish replied to Dez saying Ronnie Ramone's line let me get right to the point, even though she didn't have a plan he put his hand on her shoulder for support.
  • When Trish tried on Dez's hat when he stepped in saying hi she smiled seeing him, maybe thinking it was for her.
  • After teasing her that he bought it with the card she didnt win, each line he pointed very close to her face and then danced in front of her.
  • When Trish wanted the hat Dez offered the card instead. The catch is she had to not insult him for a week. This can imply he wanted to hear nice things for a change from Trish.
  • After the first insult she promised to be nice and Dez replied she better be. 
  • This is one of the first times Dez had the upper hand over Trish.
  • When Dez said the mariachi guy was good Trish wanted to insult him, but after showing her the card she called him a "sweet and charming boy"
  • Each time Dez teased Trish he danced and and got close to her with some kind of gesture
  • After Dez said he loved happy endings seeing Austin and Ally hug he inturn hugged Trish (if Trish didnt have a drink in her hand they would have had a sweet hug like Auslly).
  • After he spilled her drink she non-stop insulted him, which pleased Dez and with a smile spent almost all the money on the card, leaving her with $7. 
  • It seems that in a way Dez liked to hear Trish insult him because that's there thing.

Princesses & Prizes

  • Trish and Dez both agreed that Chelsea was beautiful and had flawless skin like a polished pearl.
  • When Trish said she is not good at making people laugh, after putting on the court jester hat Dez said he thought she was pretty good at it and laughed.
  • While Trish was talking to Ally and said she was not totally cool in her courtjester outfit, Dez said " I think you look great!" in a flirty tone.
  • After seeing dez in colorful clothes like her she had a confusing face with a sort of smile, implying she might feel better wearing her outfit after seeing him in his outfit.
  • In the end when Dez and Trish danced salsa he asked her if she was ready for the big lift and she replied yep and lifted him high while
  • spinning him. (the fact that they danced together implies she doesn't mind)
  • They both knew that Ally was jealous about Austin going on a date with Chealsea. 

Cupids & Cuties

  • Dez offers to give Trish advice on her date with Jace after she refuses to ask Doctor Cupid.
  • Austin pointed out that when Trish gets nervous, she calls people names. This implies that because she calls Dez names, being around him might make her nervous.
  • Dez (as Doctor Cupid) gives Trish advice to just be herself, and if Jace doesn't like her for who she is, he isn't worth it.
  • Dez seems happy that Trish is happy.
  • Trish unknowingly calls Dez 'a love genius'
  • Dez hugs Trish after revealing that he is Doctor Cupid.
  • Trish offers to help Dez get publicity as Doctor Cupid.
  • Trish says she really wants to see Dez succeed with his radio show.
  • Dez sounds nervous as he explains to DJ Smooth that he's never been in love.
  • Dez mentions Trish and Jace when he talks about how he's never going to find love.
  • Trish tries to help Austin and Ally cheer Dez up.
  • Dez thanks Trish for trying to cheer her up, not Austin or Ally.
  • Dez thanks her, possibly knowing that this is Trish's way of showing that she cares.
  • Dez puts his hand on Trish's shoulder, and she does the same to him.
  • While helping them cheer up Dez, Trish says "Any girl would be lucky to have you."
  • Dez looks at her, then turns away smiling after she says this.
  • [25]Trish says that Dez is 'such a catch', shocking Austin and Ally.
  • Trish actually cared and truly seemed upset when Dez says he can't help himself.
  • Trish listens and smiles when Dez tells her and Ally about his date.
  • Trish helps Dez into his doctor's coat.
  • Trish asks Dez for advice with Jace again.