Trestin (Tr/ish, D/e/z, and Au/stin) is the major three-sided friendship pairing between Trish De La RosaDez, and Austin Moon.

Trestin MomentsEdit

Rockers and Writters:

  • Trish and Dez help Austin get Ally's creative juices flowing.

Zaliens and Cloud Watchers:

  • They all never told Ally that Austin hates her song.
  • They all seem to like Zaliens movies.
  • They all know what the "Zalien Brain Suck" is.

Soups and Stars:

  • They all turn around after Ally says that she lost three followers.
  • They all sang Austin's idea for the Suzy Soups Jingle
  • They all made a commercial for Sonic Boom (Austin and Trish being the actors, Dez, the director.)
  • When the three of them were laughing together when Austin twitted doo-doo, Ally seemed kind of left out.

Burglaries and BoobyTraps:

  • Austin, Trish and Dez Laughed When Ally said "It'll be the Last P He'll ever takes"

Everglades and Ally-Gators:

  • They found Calvis' stories interesting.

Albums and Auditions:

  • Dez and Trish attended Austin's Album Release party.
  • [1]All three of them brainstormed ways to send a MUNY application in for Ally.
  • The same three made the 'Goodbye Ally' video

Season 2:Edit

Parents and Punishments:

  • They all help Ally with her fundraiser.

Viral Videos and Very Bad Dancing:

  • The all dance in Ally's video.
  • They try to tell Ally about her bad dancing, and making a video would be a bad idea.


  • Although not a very popular pairing, it is still considered one.
  • They are all best friends of Ally.
  • They all hate school expect for Ally who likes school.