Welcome to Tian's Room!

  • Owner: Spongebob789/SparklePenguin/GlitterPenguin/TianTheFrienshipper2/TianTheFrienshipper
  • Co-Owner: Aleeha and Synyster
  • Co-Co-Owner: Asmita, Red and Ilhan
  • Co-Co-Co-Owner: Jessie, Matt, Leo and Bobbiy
The room
Welcome to my Room, The invited to my House is Aleeha, Synyster, Asmita, Red, Ilhan, Jessie, Matt, Leo and Bobbiy. They are allowed to sleep in my room Thanks for visiting the Great room, My room is 5-star complete, Everyone on this sleepover sleep 1.00 am - 3.45 am. for our Midnight Snack Hangout. the Best Part of our Sleepover the newest Midnight Snack Hangout and Club!


  • Tian
  • Aleeha
  • Asmita
  • Synyster
  • Red
  • Ilhan
  • Matt
  • Jessie
  • Leo
  • Bobbiy

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