Hey guys! I am back with a new contest!

Its the April fools day on the 1st April and hence this whole week is the april fool week! This whole week you have to fool people on the wiki and the more people you fool the more points you get. You can fool anyone any number of times. You can tell some stories or incidents if you want to or add more pictures. Fooling others would fetch you 10 points, adding stories or incidents and adding pictures would fetch you 5 points each (i.e., 5 points for 1 picture, 5 points for 1 incident/story and 10 points for 1 fooling). You can do as many as you want. Make your stories, pictures or fools as creative and colorful as possible because it would fetch you bonus points (i.e. 2 points). The user who has the highest or maximum points at the end would win the competition/contest and would be the user of the week! If a user becomes user of the week 5 times, he/she would be the king/queen user of this wiki for a whole month.  

The admins can also take part in this contest but they would not earn any points. They can take part just for fun! :) 

Please note that there should not be any usage of inappropriate words and phrases or any offensive plans. If anyone uses them they would have to face the consequences. Also, if someone has any problem/complaints about anything or anyone you can come to, or . For any further confusion feel free to leave any questions.

Please leave your names in the comments section to enter the contest. The entries are open for the next 12 hours.

I hope you enjoy this contest and a happy April fools day to all!

Thank you!

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