What's "Sillame InCharge" ??Edit

Sillame means a Silly name or a Funny name.The Incharge will approve your sillames.Like "TheChickenboat" or anyother funny name you like !.The Newest Sillame InCharge is Mary.

Duties Of Sillame In-ChargeEdit

The Duties of Sillame In-Charge are :

  1. Be Active Everyday.
  2. Check out the Forum Everyday.
  3. Tell The User to make his/her Sillame page.
  4. Report The User,if he/she's fighting or flaming.
  5. Be patient and be nice to the Users.
  6. Give 3 warnings to a User for a Bad work,if the User's still doing bad stuff,Block him/her.
  7. Add Blog posts about Something Funny,add jokes or funny short stories.
  8. Take Care Of The Dates of The Sillames.
  9. A Sillame In-Charge Should have a Sillame.
  10. Don't Forget to mention Your Sillame on every fun page.

Sillames Edit

Sillames should be funny. Remember That.