Fencer is the friendship pairing of Freddie Benson and Spencer Shay(F/reddie and Sp/encer). Freddie and Spencer have grown close over the years.

The name can also be taken as a reference to how Spencer taught Freddie how to fence in iFence. Prior to that episode, it was called Speddie (Sp/encer and Fr/eddie) and is sometimes still referred to that.

They have lived in Bushwell Plaza for years, across from each other's apartments. Both Spencer and Freddie have similar interests. For example, they both like Galaxy Wars and World of Warlords. They get' along very well; Freddie hangs out with Spencer and enjoys his company.

It is highly unlikely that Fencer will happen romantically due to the same sex nature, as iCarly is a children/teen show and also the age difference between them (30 - 18 = 12 years difference). This pairing is mostly shipped as friendship and ONLY friendship.

Season 1 MomentsEdit

iWant More ViewersEdit

  • Spencer and Freddie team up together against Sam and Carly in a battle to see who can get the most viewers.[1]
  • Freddie and Spencer make a sign that lights up and says "Please go online to" together.
  • Spencer warned Freddie not to handle the sign without safety goggles.
  • Spencer helps Freddie get out from under the giant iCarly sign after it falls on Freddie.
  • Spencer goes to Freddie's school to tell him his idea.
  • They fist bump when they decide to team up together.
  • Freddie stops eating his meatball when Spencer begins talking about Lewbert's wart.

iWanna Stay with SpencerEdit

  • Even though Spencer is wearing a suit clearly several sizes too small for him, Freddie sincerely compliments the ensemble as "nice."[2]
  • Spencer pulls Freddie off of Granddad Shay.
  • Freddie joins in with Spencer when he starts rubbing his belly and making hooting noises in the Bushwell Plaza lobby.

iWill Date FreddieEdit

  • Freddie asks Spencer for "first date advice." This is the first time Freddie and Spencer have a serious conversation.[3]
  • Spencer tries to help Freddie prepare for his date with Valerie, and gives him advice.
  • Spencer manages to hypnotize Freddie with his "staring."
  • Spencer acts like Freddie's butler during the date.
  • Spencer puts on some music for Freddie and Valerie during their date.
  • Spencer says, "Good!" and slaps Freddie on the shoulder after finding out Freddie is back on iCarly as the show's permanent technical producer.

iWant a World RecordEdit

  • Freddie says, "Good job, Spence" when Spencer's sculpture makes it into the Jonas Book of World Records for the sculpture with the most moving pieces.
  • Spencer decides to share the credit for creating the sculpture with Carly, Freddie, and Sam so they can make it into the record books, too.

iRue the DayEdit

  • Reading the message Tom Higgenson (of The Plain White T's) wrote in black [4]marker on Spencer's back, Freddie pokes one of Spencer's moles and says, "That is a nice mole!"

iAm Your Biggest FanEdit

  • When Spencer says that the Seat of Sitting is "art you can sit upon," Freddie asks affably, "May we sit upon it?"

iHeart ArtEdit

  • Freddie finds it difficult to believe that Spencer seriously questions the quality of his work and worries that the gallery won't like his sculptures.
  • Freddie says that Spencer's sculptures are the best.
  • Freddie helps the girls find Harry Joyner to have him compliment Spencer's art.[5]
  • Freddie laughs himself silly when Spencer nearly hangs himself in his own yo-yo sculpture after seeing Harry Joyner in the Shay living room.
  • Freddie was very concerned about Spencer when he was upset.
  • Freddie says Spencer shouldn't pay so much attention to Harry Joyner's assessment of the sculptures.
  • Freddie excitedly tells Spencer that the iCarly viewers "went nuts" over Spencer's sculptures when the kids showcased the pieces on the webcast.
  • When Carly's meeting with Harry Joyner doesn't go well, Freddie tries to cheer her up by telling her that Spencer may turn out to be a great dental assistant.
  • Spencer generously gives Freddie, Sam, and Carly some of the money he earned from selling a sculpture because they helped Spencer get his art career back.

iHate Sam's BoyfriendEdit

  • Spencer whispers to Freddie about in what places the [6]poison ivy was. Most likely because they are both boys and friends.
  • When Jonah touches Spencer's space hamster Freddie ( and carly ) come running to save it .

iHatch ChicksEdit

  • Freddie, along with the others, tries to pull Spencer out.
  • Freddie holds Spencer's pants.
  • Freddie and the others comforts Spencer after he spit out the baby chick.

iDon't Want to FightEdit

  • Spencer asks Freddie why he looks so "glum" when he sits himself rather unhappily on S[7]pencer's couch.
  • Spencer tries to give Freddie some advice on how to fix things between Carly and Sam.
  • Spencer and Freddie sit the same way whilst facing each other when Spencer is giving Freddie advice.
  • Spencer shows Freddie his new fish feeder, but it almost kills another one of Spencer's fish.
  • Freddie smiles and applauds wildly when Spencer shows off the last automatic fish feeder he constructs to Carly, Freddie, and Sam.
  • While heading off to his bedroom, Spencer pushes Freddie out of the way.