Dally (Da/llas and A/lly) is the romantic/friendly pairing of Ally Dawsonand Dallas. Ally first confirmed she had a crush on Dallas in Secrets & Songbooks. It is unknown if they will date in the series. It might be unlikely because Dallas is most probably not going to return in the series. Ally has a former crush on Dallas ever since she developed feelings for Austin in Girlfriends & Girl Friends, but it is unknown if Dallas still likes Ally or not.

Other Names of The Relationship:Edit

  • Allas (A/lly and Da/llas)
  • Alls (All/y and Dalla/s)
  • Dall (D/allas and All/y)
  • Alldallas (All/y and Dallas)
  • Laslly (Dal/las and A/lly)
  • Dallally (Dall(a)/s and Ally)
  • Dallyson (Dal/as and Al/lyson)
  • Dallasly (Dallas and Al/ly)

Moments: Secrets & Songbooks

  • Ally reveals she has a crush on Dallas.
  • Dallas finds out Ally likes him.
  • While Austin is performing Not a Love Song, the camera focuses on Ally and Dallas who are waving and greeting each other at the Cell Phone Accessory Cart.

Club Owners & Quinceaneras:Edit

  • Ally was nervous about asking Dallas to dance.
  • When Dallas rejects Ally's invitation to dance, Ally gets upset.
  • Dallas comes back at the end of the episode to apologize to Ally about saying no.
  • Ally and Dallas dance badly together in the end.
  • Dallas tells Ally he can't dance, just like Ally can"t.
  • Ally asks Dallas to dance.
  • Ally kept looking at Dallas when Austin was about to perform.

 World Records & Work Wreckers:Edit

  • Ally mows Dallas's Lawn.
  • Ally accidentally tells Dallas he should work at Sonic Boom.
  • Dallas starts working at Sonic Boom just to get closer to Ally.
  • Ally has a hard time firing Dallas.
  • Dallas told Ally that he loved working at Sonic Boom because he got to see her everyday.
  • Ally thought it was cute when Dallas said Libary instead of Library, even though it's one of her pet peeves.
  • They admitted they both get nervous around each other.

Well-Known Quotes Of Dally:Edit

Club Owners & Quinceaneras:Edit


World Records and Work Wreckers:Edit



  • Both have the word all in their names.
  • They both admitted that they get nervous around each other.
  • Both of them can't dance.
  • They both had worked in the mall, Dallas later left to work at the library.
  • Both of them have brown hair and brown eyes.
  • In Noah Centineo's Interview the hostess of OnTheSpotInterviews, commented that she thought Dallas and Ally had some chemistry, and Noah agreed with her.


  • Ally Works at Sonic Boom But Dallas At Cell Phone Accessory Cart and Then Library.
  • Ally is a Girl and Dallas is a boy.
  • Ally is a Musician But Dallas is an ordinary Boy.