(This is an Example page for "I am a Funny Character" )


Infobox (If you want to add it)

Some Pictures that relates to you (Sillame).

Something about you (Fake made-up funny story)

Funny Moments:

Funny Moments here. (As many as you want to add)

 My Story :

The fake made-up story of your sillame it should be a sillory (Silly story). Some funny moments about you. Remember that You are a Funny Character You are Using Ur Sillame here not yourself. If your name is TheHighHeelBird You will say that your name is TheHighHeelBird.


Write Some Jokes Here:

I am Someone's Look-A-like Trivia:

Now you will use a stupid,lazy,crazy and a funny character of any show you like and make a trivia that how you and he/she is same to you in a form of trivia,to be more cleared follow this pattern:

Goofy is just like me !

Do you know......

  • That Goofy and me (or you can use the sillame)
  • that_____________________________________________
  • That____________________________________________
  • That____________________________________________
  • That____________________________________________

The End !

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