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Bori or possibly ToriBeck is the pairing of Beck Oliver and Tori Vega (B/eck and T/ori). It is sometimes referred to as Teck (T/ori and B/eck), Beri (Be/ck and To/ri), Toreck (Tor/i and B/eck), Torieck (Tori and B/eck) or Beckori (Beck and T/ori) by some of its fans, although these terms are rarely used. Beck is seen in the show as trying to welcome Tori to Hollywood Arts and becoming close friends with her, causing Jade to become jealous of their interactions. In Tori Goes Platinum, it is implied thatTori and Beck might have crushes on each other and they almost kissed. Beck is also another friend, besides André, who Tori is close to. It is the second most popular ship on the show, after main rival BadeBori has many loyal fans and shippers and its own wiki, the Bori Wiki,

See Vavan for the real-life pairing of the characters' actors, Victoria Justice and Avan Jogia, who are best friends on the non-show!

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I just don't know. It's okay that you don't know. But you deserve an answer. I can wait. For you, I would wait a thousand years. But that's so many! I know I'm poor. I know I don't have much to offer but... I do love you. Because I'm beautiful? I don't love you because you're beautiful. You're beautiful because I love you. Woah.  ~Tori & Beck.

Love is The Deep Ocean.