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My School's History Edit

Historical Background The establishment of BS/SD Budi Luhur

Elementary School ( SD ) Budi Luhur was founded in 1983 by Drs Noble Pakarti Education Foundation . Djaetun HS . School is located at Jl . Raden Saleh ( Middle Reef ) is getting a new operating permit from the Regional Offices of the Ministry of Education and Culture of West Java after running about 4 years , with the Decree No: 114/SD/JB/VII/1987 . All this thanks to the struggles of the various parties , such as the management of the Foundation , Principal , Teachers and employees .

With the recognition of governments , SD Budi Luhur trying to do what is best for the community , by providing the best possible service so what is the purpose of elementary Budi Luhur , ie : making man an intelligent and noble character can be achieved . Establishment of an intelligent human noble and virtuous character , in addition to the goal of Education is also used as a measure of school quality Pakarti coveted Noble Foundation .

Efforts to educate the nation and improve the quality of life of Indonesian people continue to run with its collaboration with the relevant agencies , and held a refinement of the implementation of better education , which is adapted to the development of science and technology , social development, and development needs in the future . Treading at the age of 9 , which is in the academic year 1992/1993 SD Budi Luhur get lumped accreditation certification by the Regional Office of the Ministry of Education and Culture of West Java Province by decree No: 898/102/Kep/I/1992 . Government programs are conducted every 5 years aims to determine the feasibility of the program in formal education at all levels and types of education are carried out as a form of public accountability that is done on the basis of criteria that are open . Thanks to the struggle of all parties , SD Budi Luhur finally be able to maintain accreditation status disamakaan the next five years is in the academic year 1997/1998 by decree No: 1128/102.6/Kep/DS/1997 , dated March 24, 1998 . Then proceed with the next accreditation in 2005 with SK NO : 01/SK-BAS-KOTA TNG/III/2005 dated March 15, 2005 with the results of accreditation A. Then in August 2009 SD favor accreditation Noble has implemented the next phase . ( P. Zen - ICT )

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Main InformationsEdit

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Catchphrases Edit

Here i stay in the dark of day, let the storm rage off the cold bothered me anyway 

- TianTheFrienshipper

"What is i say, it say's rhymes, What a day"

- Tian19981234


Welcome, I've You're New, Contact to an Admin, Me!, I am an Admin.

A new feature in my userpage is coming in September 2014 - Trailer of Dolphin Tale = Link

You Are Some Kind Of Wonderful, You’re Wonderful, Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey!

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I have been saw teen beach movie 128 Times because i have the original DVD!, and I like Tanner-Lela and Mckenzie-Brady.

My Music Player (Link):

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Hello, I' am User:TianTheFrienshipper!, I am now Online for making Free Logos for you!, Just request your Username/Password/Color to request at Tian19981234's Free Logo Stand Party (1 jan 2014 to 5 feb 2015), I also Become an Real life artist for drawing Phineas (from P&F) perfectly 100x, Next time in March, i Have made an event its called' Tian19981234 Birthday Bash., Anyone can join this event every march at Message Wall, Go to my message wall. anyway,Sorry, But in early 2019, i will soon left, because i have other work to do in Hi-5 TV Wiki

Watch an Episodes of The Spoiler Alert from Club Penguin (Monday-Thursday, Saturday)

I absolutely love Teen beach movie and Austin & Ally!

Other InformationsEdit

Penguin on CPEdit

Tian2015 and Nickname100



hi-5 Love LyricsEdit

Let's try dancing, Twirl me 'round.
Our feet are tapping on the ground.
Swing me this way, That way too
I love dancing next to you.

Show me an L.
Show me an O.
Show me a V,
And finish with an E.

L.O.V.E. I love you and you love me.
L.O.V.E. that's the way it's meant to be.
L.O.V.E. I love you and you love me.
L.O.V.E. I love you and you love me.


You lose your heart, I'll lose mine,
show me your love and I'll feel fine.
We'll stay close and never part,
I'll always love you, cross my heart.

Show me an L.
Show me an O.
Show me a V,
And finish with an E.

L.O.V.E. I love you and you love me.
L.O.V.E. that's the way it's meant to be.
L.O.V.E. I love you and you love me.
L.O.V.E. I love you and you love me. (x2)

L.O.V.E. Love!...



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Hi-5 Underwater Discovery LyricsEdit

Swimming with the fishes.
Follow them to school.
Riding on a seahorse.
That would be so cool.
Diving with the dolphins.
Splashing in the waves.
Exploring in the coral.
And the pirates caves.

Underneath the ocean.
There's a world of deep blue sea.
Down Down Down Down
Down Down Down Down, Down

So come with me.
Under the sea
yeah, we could be.
Under the sea.
And we could make an underwater discovery.
So come with me. Under the sea.

Snorkle on the surface.
Splashing near the shore.
Jelly fish and hermit crabs.
Waiting to explore.

Underneath the ocean.
There's a world of deep blue sea.
Down Down Down Down
Down Down Down Down
Down Down Down Down Down...

So come with me.
Under the sea
yeah, we could be.
Under the sea.
And we could make an underwater discovery.
So come with me. Under the sea.

A sailor went to sea (sea, sea).
To see what he could see (see, see).
And all that he could see (see, see).
Was the bottom of the deep blue sea.

So come with me.
Under the sea
yeah, we could be.
Under the sea.
And we could make an underwater discovery.
So come with me. Under the sea.

(Under the sea) Under the sea. (Under the sea) Under the sea. (Let's go to swimming). Under the sea. Under the sea. Under the sea. (Come with fish sail). Under the sea. (Under the sea yeah). Under the sea.

Gotta Have a Wingman Lyrics (CP 2013)Edit

Official lyrics from booklet included with Club Penguin: The Party Starts Now!
We’re gonna heat things up here on this isle
Melt some ice and rock with style
Our funny, fuzzy friends with two eyes and a smile
Are ready for their close ups now

Everybody bring your best buddies along
Send a special request for your favorite song
When the DJ spins it
Come on and watch us break it down

Take it back
And forth
And back again
You got your moves
For sure
So you gotta represent

Oh, oh, oh, oh… now it’s their turn to party
(Their turn to party)
Oh, oh, oh, oh… yeah, let’s give them a chance (These guys can dance!)
Oh, oh, oh, oh… turn it up, get it started
(Get it started)

Everyone knows

You gotta have a wingman

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
Oh, oh, oh, oh

We can give puffle props, but that’s not enough
We gotta throw our own party to show our love
Cuz penguins and puffles are total buds
That no one can come between

Show ’em off, like we ain’t seen nothin’ yet
They may not have feet, but they still dub step
Once to the right and twice to the left
Then bounce around to this beat

Take it back
And forth
And back again
Those puffles on the floor
Make it better times ten


Everyone knows

You gotta have a wingman

Hi-5 boom boom beat lyricsEdit

Listen to my heartbeat,
(listen to my heartbeat).
Feel the thumping rhythm,
From my head down to my feet.
Listen to my heartbeat,
(listen to my heartbeat).
Dancing and spinning and feeling free.

Boom boom boom,
listen to my heart beat.
Boom boom boom,
moving with my feet.
Boom boom boom,
listen to the beat with me.

Working out.
Working out.
Work it fast and work it slow,
Working out.

Dancing spinning feeling free,
Stretch your arms and stomp your feet,
Come on join the boom boom beat
with me.

Working out!
Working out!

Listen to my heartbeat,
(listen to my heartbeat).
Grooving to the rhythm
that you're dancing in the street.
Listen to my heartbeat,
(listen to my heartbeat).
Pumping with the music
and the boom boom beat.

Boom boom boom,
listen to my heart beat.
Boom boom boom,
moving with my feet.
Boom boom boom,
listen to the beat with me.

(Working out!)
Dancing spinning feeling free,
(Working out!)
Stretch your arms and stomp your feet,
(Working out!)
Come on join the boom boom beat
with me. (x3)

Working out! (x4)!

Hi-5 Holiday InfoEdit

Hi-5 Holiday was the musical show tour of Hi-5. The period this tour was between 2012 until early 2013. Having members: Stevie Nicholson, Tim Maddren, Casey Burgess, Lauren Brant and the debutant Dayen Zheng. The theme of this show is the beach and island.

Hi-5 Holiday (Song) lyricsEdit

La la la la la la la la la la la la la (x2)

We've packed our bags
C'mon let's get away
I can't wait to start our holiday.
The sun is up, The sky is blue
Every day's a holiday, When I'm with you...
When I'm with you...

It's a great day For a holiday
A holiday - Let's go (oh oh oh)
It's a great day For a holiday
A holiday - Let's go.
(Holiday) Oh oh, Oh oh oh
(Holiday) Oh oh, Oh oh oh!

La la la la la la la la la la la la la (x2)

We're here at last, So let's go out and play
We're having such a great, Great holiday
At the beach or the snow, In a park or a zoo
Everyday's a holiday when I'm with you
When I'm with you!

It's a great day For a holiday...

It's a great day For a holiday...
... A holiday - Let's go
(La la la la la la la la)
Holiday - Let's go (x2)

Hi-5 It's a party Video listingEdit

  1. It's A Party
  2. So Many Animals
  3. Special Days
  4. Feelings
  5. Robot Number 1
  6. Three Wishes
  7. Mirror Mirror
  8. North South East And West
  9. Feel The Beat
  10. Pizza, Pizza, Pizza (Songlets)
  11. Dragon Grooving (Songlets)
  12. Shining Sun (Songlets)
  13. Building A Fence (Songlets)
  14. Going Walking (Songlets)
  15. Space Friends (Songlets)
  16. You Can't See Me (Songlets)
  17. In The Bathroom (Songlets)
  18. Funky Reggae Music (Songlets)
  19. The Planets (Songlets)
  20. Sawubona (Songlets)
  21. Rabbit Dream (Songlets)
  22. Rainy Day Today (Songlets)
  23. Fizzy (Songlets)
  24. Yodel-moo (Songlets)
  25. It's A Party (Karaoke Versions)
  26. So Many Animals (Karaoke Versions)
  27. Special Days (Karaoke Versions)
  28. Feelings (Karaoke Versions)
  29. Robot Number 1 (Karaoke Versions)
  30. Three Wishes (Karaoke Versions)
  31. Mirror Mirror (Karaoke Versions)
  32. North South East And West (Karaoke Versions)
  33. Feel The Beat (Karaoke Versions)

Hi-5 Sing it loud Video listingEdit

  1. L.O.V.E.
  2. Ready Or Not
  3. (Some kind of) Wonderful
  4. Five Senses
  5. Making Music
  6. Amazing (WOW!)
  7. Underwater Discovery
  8. Robot No. 1
  9. Wish Upon A Star

Hi-5 Jump and jive with Hi-5 Video listingEdit

  1. Ready or not
  2. Move Your Body
  3. L.O.V.E.
  4. Grow
  5. Dream On
  6. Living In A Rainbow
  7. In A Different Place
  8. You & Me
  9. Five Senses

Hi-5 Turn the music up! video listingEdit

  1. Martian Groove
  2. Backyard Adventurers
  3. The Dancing Bus
  4. Hi-5 Farm
  5. Hey Presto!
  6. Stand Up Tall On Tippy Toes
  7. Happy House
  8. Turn The Music Up!
  9. Toy box
  10. My Best Friend (songlet)
  11. Thor The Viking (songlet)
  12. Stars Of The Night (songlet)
  13. Two Words (songlet)
  14. Sleepy Bear (songlet)
  15. Sea Symphony (songlet)
  16. Swish, Swish, Swish (songlet)
  17. Winter In The Garden (songlet)
  18. Bananas about Bananas (songlet)
  19. Play Like a Caveman (songlet)
  20. Yawning (songlet)

Background InformationEdit

Hi-5 2010 Toy box lyricsEdit

La la la la la la la la la la
La la la la la la la la la.

Lift the lid, take a look
Teddies and dolls and a favourite book
Dress ups, paint and a hat for a cook
Puzzles, games and a pirate hook.

There's something old and something new
Something for me and something for you.

When you open up the toy box
Ready to play, ready to play
Open up the toy box
And play, and play, and play, play all day
La la la la la la la la la la.

Down the bottom, what can I see?
Fairy wings and a wand for me
Trains and cars and a funny wig
Crayons, bubbles and a squishy pig.

There's something old and something new
Something for me and something for you

When you open up the toy box
Ready to play, ready to play
Open up the toy box
And play, and play, and play, play all day
La la la la la la la la la la.

Close the lid and hide away
All the toys for another day
In the toy box they can stay
Waiting for another play

When you open up the toy box
Ready to play, ready to play
Open up the toy box
And play, and play, and play, play all day
La la la la la la la la la la
La la la la la la la la la la

Hi-5 Ready or not? lyricsEdit


Hide your eyes and count to ten
Ready or not - I'm gonna find you again.
Hide your eyes and count to ten,
Ready or not - I'm gonna find you again,
And again and again and again.

I will jump and hide from you.
I will chase you round and round,
Skip in time, play peek a boo,
Ready or not, you're found.
I will chase you here and there.
I will chase you everywhere,
Inside, outside, up and down,
Catch me if you can...


Simon says, 'move on the spot'.
Don't let simon see you stop.
Simon says, move faster now.
If he sees you stop, you're out!


Catch me, catch me
Catch me if you can
Catch me, catch me
Catch me if you can


Hi-5 House MembersEdit

Dayen, Mary, Ainsley, Lauren and Stevie

Hi-5 Series 11-13 MembersEdit

Tim, Casey, Fely, Stevie and Lauren

Hi-5 Original MembersEdit

Kathleen, Kellie, Nathan, Tim and Charli R.

My Cpps'ses on Club penguinEdit


Can't Stop Singing (Lyrics)Edit

Mack: What's going on?
This can't be happening
Don't tell me its a song
Brady: It's a song
'Mack': This wasn't how I planned it
Can't you see that this has gone too far
Please just pause the DVR
Someone won't you make it stop
I'm losin' my mind (ooh)
Brady: I don't see a problem
Mack: Everything I say, it rhymes
Here comes another line
Brady: Just close your eyes if you don't wanna see
Mack: What's this choreography?
Someone won't you make it stop
Mack/Brady: Ooooohhh
I can't stop singing
Make it stop, make it stop
Am I real or just a prop?
I can't stop singing
So let's just talk
Mack: Talk, talk....
It's just a song
An inefficiant way
To move the story along
I'm done
Mm mm mm
Brady: Your just being cynical
Mack: No, it's just the principal
Someone won't you make it, make it stop
Brady: Don't make it stop
Mack/Brady: Ooooohhh
I can't stop singing
Make it stop, make it stop
Am I real or just a prop?
I can't stop singing
So let's just talk
Talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk
Mack: We're trapped inside a musical revue
Brady: At least I'm here with you
I don't wanna make it stop
Mack/Brady: Ooooohhh
I can't stop singing
Make it stop, make it stop
Am I real or just a prop?
I can't stop singing
Does it stop, does it stop?
Is it ever gonna stop?
I can't stop singing
So let's just
Mack: Talk
Uh, it's over!.

You may Absolutely Like it!.

Wet Side Story CharactersEdit

  • Bikers:
  • Lela is the leading female character who falls in love with Tanner.
  • Butchy is the leader of the biker clique, The Rodents. He is Lela's older brother and very protective of Lela.
  • Lugnut is Butchy's sidekick.
  • Chee Chee is Lela's good friend and Strut's best friend.
  • Struts is a biker girl who loves to strut in her hot pink high heels.
  • Surfers:
  • Tanner is the another leader male character with a radiant smile but not the sharpest mind. He falls in love with Lela.
  • Seacat is a quirky member of the surfers.
  • Giggles is a member of the surfers who loves to dance.
  • Rascal is another member of the surfers.
  • Kiki is a background member from the surfers.

Player Card's Icon Bar (CP)Edit

  • At the bottom of the player card, there is a special bar with commands. It allows requesting friendships, going to other igloos, sending postcards, adding a player to the Ignore list, or reporting a player.
  • The buttons in the bar for mascots is disabled, and other players can only add them to their friend list and obtain their background.
  • For a penguin that opens their own player card, this bar will not be displayed, and instead he/she will see the amount of Coins he/she has and the number of his/her Stamps.

My Favorite ArticleEdit

- Giggles




Note for The Penguins that Time Forgot Play (CP 2014)Edit

  • Penguins That Time Forgot
  • Chester
    Time to try out this new Time Travel 1000!
  • Time machine opens
  • Critteroo
  • Chester
    What is this place? Where am I?
  • Kek
  • Chester
    I'm in Grub? What's a Grub?
  • Critteroo
  • Chester
    Lava? I've gotta get out of here!
  • Time machine breaks
  • Chester
    Great, now I'm stuck in some place called Grub!
  • Tiki
  • Kek
  • Chester
    Now who's this with the big silly mask?
  • Tiki
  • Critteroo
  • Tiki
  • Kek
  • Chester
    Okay, really now. Can't you just use real words?
  • Critteroo
  • Chester
    You do know you don't make any sense, right?
  • Critteroo
  • Chester
    Sigh. Okay, something about lava and grubs.
  • Tiki
  • Chester
    You were wearing boots, but the grubs took them?
  • Kek
  • Chester
    Let me guess, your name is Tiki and you're Grub.
  • Tiki
  • Critteroo
  • Chester
    I give up! I have no idea what you're saying.
  • Kek
  • Chester
    Well, I may as well join in...
  • Chester
  • Tiki
  • Kek
  • Chester
    Last time I buy a time machine for 10 coins...
  • Director
  • Director
    Places everyone!
  • Director
    Take it again from the top!
  • Director
    Excellent work, team. Keep it up!
  • Director
    That's a wrap!
  • Director
    Take a bow everyone!

Club PenguinEdit

i Started played club penguin.

Experimental PenguinsEdit

i Started played experimental penguins

Penguin ChatEdit

i Started played Penguin Chat

Penguin Chat 3Edit

i Started played penguin chat 3

Penguin Football ChatEdit

i Started played penguin football chat

Dragon CityEdit

i Started played Dragon city, since 2011

My PufflesEdit

10 Dinosaur Puffles: Terra, Zippy, Golly, Handy, Berry, Gandy, Steveny, Eigthery, Largey, Tennballys

10 Rainbow Puffles: Rainbow1, Rainbow2, Rainbow3, Rainbow4, Rainbow5, Rainbow 6, Rainbow7, Rainbow8, Rainbow9, RainbowTenth

10 Golden Puffles: Golda, Goldb, Goldc, Goldd, Golde, Goldf, Gold7, Gold8, Goldy, RoyalGold

10 Blue Puffles: Blue1, Blue2, Blue3, Blue4, Blue5, Blue6, Blue7, Blue8, Blue9, Blue10

My PenguinsEdit

Tian, Tian2015 and Tian2014


  • This user star sign was Pisces
  • This user's age was 7 Years old

Neopets (Neopian Pound)Edit

The Neopian Pound is where users can abandon or adopt neopets. For a while you were no longer able to adopt neopets, if you tried you would get an error message reading "ERROR : The pound is down for maintenance!" The adopt feature has been disabled for quite a while.

Finally on April 30th, year 10 (2008) the pound works again, and you can now also transfer pets between users, for a fee of 1000 NP.


i Started playing neopets since december 2013!

EPF Command Room Appearance (CP 2012-13)Edit

The old Command Room's table, chairs and TV are here. There are stairs on either side. The Tube Transport is located in the back. The Big TV on the Left used to scan the EPF system for bugs. Now, there are bugs, which must be defeated by System Defender, which is what the Big TV is now. The four surveillance security screens in between show the Beach, Cove, Everyday Phoning Facility and Ski Village. Now, the giant screen highlights the In-Game Missions, and there is now an on-site laboratory. You could still change the channels when there are no In-Game Missions.

Tube Transport Trivia (CP)Edit

  • It appears on a Card-Jitsu Card.
  • If you walked into the Tube Transport in the EPF Command Room and quickly walked out of it, you would still be transported to the VR Room.
  • It is based on a circuit of pneumatic tubes. However, since the penguin becomes a flash of light before loading the next room, it is possible that before being transported, the penguin is turned into energy to be sent quicker, and re-materialized once it arrives to the end.

Coming Soon in Tian2015's Wiki!Edit

It Will have a link of this wiki as of a new features added

Gallery of This user!Edit

File:Brady's Best Screenshots.png

My Photo's when i Cr@ft it in Teen Be@ch Movie also All playing sequence.


1. Five Food Groups (Cutted Version)

Five food groups that's what i eat, Five food groups everyday and everyweek, keeping me strong and healthy everyday, Protein and milk, good nutrisions, nuts and choco nuts, mmm... delicious, DHA keep me healthy!, Eating From the five Food groups! (ba-do, ba-do) (x5)

2. Make An Diffrence, Make An Edit, If you Shine!

Make an Diffrence, Make an Edit, If you Shine, The world is bigger than me, so keep edit this world to new!, so craft it behind, go craft this world, Lalalalalalala, If You Shine, If You Shine, hoooooooooo, Make An Diffrence (lalalalalalla), la {{{Reff}}}, so go to the echanted world by singing today, hoooooooooooooooo, lalalalala Make An Diffrence (Make an Edit), if you shine!, Hi!


Making Teen Beach Movie Wiki better! Tian19981234 (talk) 08:01, January 29, 2014 (UTC)

Helping Teen Beach Movie Wiki! Tian19981234 (talk) 04:00, January 31, 2014 (UTC)

Helping Real True Friendship Wiki - TianTheFrienshipper (talk) 14:16, March 28, 2014 (UTC)




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"Can I Add an Category"

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This user Will left in Early 2015!, for other works.

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Mollee Gray




Chee Chee/Gallery



Kevin Chamberlin/Gallery

Big Momma (Character)

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Before recorded history-Tribes roam all over Minsele and are nomads.

Year 1- Scribes in Peral Isle invent the first written language.

Year 25- Trimden Kingdom is the first Kingdom in Minsele

Year 30- Kingdoms in Rimdindale and Mortanspeal form

Year 32- Teramont raids the Mortanspeal coast for the first time.

Year 50- Peral Isle colonizes parts of Mortanspeal and Dorumden

Year 55- Kingdom of Kentrine is Formed.

Year 65- Everyone but Greensharde,Tannermith, and Vectorstron stray from tribal life.

Year 100- Kingdom of Sunmore is formed.

Year 102- Kentrine and Sunmore wage a large war.

Year 109- Outsiders unknown to Minsele land on Canton

Year 120- Kingdom of Dorumden invades Rimdindale

Year 125- Dorumden loses the war and is captured by Rimdindale.

Year 135- Reinmith is colonized by Teramont.

Year 150- 48 year war between sunmore and Kentrine ends.

Year 155- Kentrine captures Greensharde and forms an Empire.

Year 159- Sunmore takes Reinmith and Tannermith small islands.

Year 165- Mortanspeal is invaded by Rimdindale.

Year 175- Rimdindale loses to Mortanspeal and loses Dorumden to rebels.

Year 180- Rimdindale only has half it's originial land and signs peace treaty.

Year 180- Termont sinks Mortanspeal Navy off the coast of Recklin.

Year 181- Teramont navy sacks and burns Coldtown (Old Mortanspeal capital)

Year 185- Teramont civil war errupts with outsiders arriving on its shores.

Year 190- Mortanspeal recovers, Rimdindale takes back it's original land.

Year 192- Caton is captured by Kentrine and added to it's growing empire.

Year 195- Trimden raids Vectorstron coasts.

Year 200- Trimden colonizes Vectorstron and Dorumden's coasts.

Year 210- Trimden Kingdom reaches its pick after taking northern Rimdindale.

Year 215- Reinmith pushes Teramont colonists off its islands.

Year 220- Teramont loses all colonial holdings as civil war destroys it's nation.

Year 225- Teramont civil war ends after the death of the orginial kings son, rebels take the throne.

Year 226- Teramont prepares to renew its conquests.

Year 230- Trimden king dies, it's small empire begins to lessen.

Year 235- Trimden loses all its gained land.

Year 236- Sunmore and the Kentrine Empire entire another war.

Year 237- Sunmore takes Canton from Kentrine.

Year 240- War between Kentrine and Sunmore ends again, Sunmore gains Victory and Canton.

Year 241- Sunmore takes title as Empire.

Year 242- Caton revolts and Sunmore loses title as Empire.

Year 250- Dorumden invades and captures peral Isle, 150 years of free rule is ended.

Year 251- Kentrine captures Canton again.

Year 252- Rimdindale takes some land from Mortanspeal and Trimden.

Year 255- Trimden and Mortanspeal defeat Rimdindale in a short war.

Year 256- Volcano erupts in Vectorstron.

Year 260- Peral Isle takes back it's independence after 10 or 11 years of the yoke under Dorumden.

Year 261- Teramont navy sunk by Reinmith navy when trying to re-colonize Reinmith.

Year 267- Reinmith enters war with Kentrine and takes Emralda and other islands off the coast of Greensharde.

Year 270- War ends between kentrine and Reinmith.

Year 275- Trimden coloinzes a piece of Vectorstron again.

Year 276- Peral Monk order is formed.

Year 285- Most peace in years exists in Minsele.

Year 290- Population in Minsele grows very large.

Year 295- The great cities in Rimdindale and Kentrine are built.

Year 300- Capital of Trimden, Fenheim builds a new quarter of the city on top of the sea.

Year 305- Many Kingdoms across Minsele begin expanding and filling cities as more people move in from the countryside.

Year 310- Kentrine builds colleges in Caton.

Year 325- Peace in Minsele is shattered by Rimdindale invading Mortanspeal.

Year 357- Recklin is captured and Mortanspeal is added to Rimdindale.

Year 358- Dorumden, and Trimden invade Rimdindale.

Year 359- War rages across Minsele's eastern half.

Year 360- Truce is made between Rimdindale and Trimden and Dorumden.

Year 361- Greensharde rebels against the Kentrine Empire after 106 years of rule under their heel.

Year 362- Malamako Greensharden Kings purge Greensharde of Kentrines and declares war on Kentrine.

Year 363- War between Greensharde and Kentrine ends in a draw.

Year 365- Rimdindale renews conquests and takes Dorumden head on.

Year 366- Rimdton is sacked by Trimden but their army is defeated.

Year 367- Laketon in Dorumden is sacked by Rimdalers.

Year 368- Trimden signs treaty of peace with Rimdindale.

Year 369- Greensharde finaly becomes stable, demesticly.

Year 370- Rocktide is captured by Rimdindale, Rimdindale Empire is formed.

Year 371- Rimdindale king dies two days before crowning, his son is crowned in his stead, Congren Firebane.

Year 372- Greensharde attacks Reinmith and captures two of its islands.

Year 373- Greensharde and Reinmith make peace, Reinmith takes back its lost islands and colonizes much of Tannermith which still is inhabitated by tribes.

Year 375- Vectorstron Tribes become more modern then normal "tribes" and can be considered "clans".

Year 379- Trimden breaks pact with Rimdindale and invades.

Year 380- Trimden loses its southern lands.

Year 384- Fenheim is sacked and the Trimdener king killed.

Year 385- Trimden last holdouts and colonies capuitulate and fall into Rimdaler hands, Trimden collapses.

Year 386- Congren announces the entire east of Minsele united.

Year 387- Alf Malamako rises to the throne of Greensharde after the death of his grandfather.

Year 389- Greensharde fights Reinmith a second time.

Year 390- Greenshardes small fleet sunk, Blackenfen sacked, Greensharde makes peace with Reinmith.

Year 392- Sunmore and Kentrine join their Kingdoms after the death of the eldest son of Sunmore, Sunmorian princess and Kentrine Prince marry and the Kingdom is united and transformed into the "Greater" Kentrine Empire.

Year 395- Rimdindale turns down offer of the marriage of their crown prince and a princess of Kentrine.

Year 396- Kentrine patrol is ambushed near Rimdindale border by unknown attackers. Kentrine claims it is Rimdindale.

Year 397- Teramont makes treaty not to attack the Rimdindale empire. Rimdaler sailors imprisoned after killing a magistrates son in Bar fight in Duskenspear.

Year 398- Kentrine vessel sank in retaliation by Rimdindale vessel.

Year 399- Kentrine attacks noblemen and 40 of his men from Rimdindale going to a wedding in western Kentrine by eidsfene. Rimdindale Empire declares war.

Year 400- Largest war in history begins. Rimdindale Royal navy beats Kentrine navy off the coast of Trembale, Rimdindale expendarionary force crushed south of Mannington.

Year 401- Kentrine Army smashes Rimdindale Royal army to bits with heavy cavalry south of Troval.

Year 402- Kentrine Army sacks southernly point and is defeated by Rimdindale's new army.

Year 403- Northern fleet sieges Mannington and sinks remains of Kentrine navy.

Year 404- due to heavy losses, Rimdindale levies troops from Dorumden, Mortanspeal, and Trimden and forms a large army, not part of the Royal army and sets it's sights on Mannington.

Year 405- Mannington falls.

Year 406- Kentrine capital changed to Eidsfene. Rimdindale Empire takes Troval and Norcheg surrenders.

Year 407- Kentrine army makes last ditch defense of Centurine, they are crushed, 2 months later Centruine falls.

Year 408- Northern fleet captures Rossden and most of Canton with it, Rimdindale Army lays siege to Eidsfen and Royal army sacks Trembale.

Year 409- Eidsfene falls, Kentrine Empire collapses.

Year 410- Remainder of the Kentrine Empire surrenders at Sandwave to Congren Firebane and the entire Kentrine Empire is added to Rimdindale who now controls all of Minsele but Greensharde, and Vectorstron.

Year 411- Refugees from all across the old Kentrine Empire (over 4 million) mostly x-soldiers and nobles who didn't switch sides to the Rimdalers go to Tannermith and take over the tribes in Tannermith (2 Million roughly) and establish the Kingdom of Tannermith.

Year 412- Tannermith has many problems domesticly.

Year 415- Greensharde raids Rimdindale shipping.

Year 416- Greensharde is warned and disregards it, Rimdindale Empire declares war on Greensharde.

Year 417- The Leaf war begins and 3 battles are fought at Mecklien field. Siege of Protonale goes badly for the Rimdindale empire after sacking the city and getting smashed back over the river by a relief army. Battle of Swampost ends with a crushing victory for Greensharde. Royal fleet burned at anchor in Becintin by the Ivory Fleet under Reinsmith who declares war.

Year 418- Ivory Fleet and Northern fleet square off in the Great South Sea, off the coast of Rimdindale, Ivory fleet is routed and goes back to Reins beaten and half destroyed. Northern Fleet Captures Emralda and Greensharden isle chains.

Year 419- Greensharde wins the second battle at Swampost, Northern fleet sinks the entire Greensharden navy in Mosskler lake and lay siege to Mosskler. Reinmith ports are raided and Northbreach repels Rimdindale raids. Ald Malamako is assasinated by assasins, Many believe his Brother Proventus killed him. Greensharde turns over 50% of its land to Rimdindale in exchange for peace.

Year 420- Leaf war comes to a close after Reinmith pays large tributes and war payments for the destruction of the Royal fleet which is reformed. Rimdindale announces victory of the Leaf war. Vector tribes kill 5500 Rimdindale patrolmen in southern Vectorstron.

Year 421- Vector tribes liberate Norcheg and the Clandoms of Vectorstron is formed with the Vector Tribe and Kron tribe at the head along with other major tribes, Declartion of war sent to the Emperor of Rimdindale.

Year 422- Northern Fleet and Royal Fleet arrives in Caton, invasion forces amassed on Teal Isle(west of Trimden) and Canton, Rimdaler Army moved to Mannington, Kentrine villages raided near Vectorstron border.

Year 423- Against other tribes wishes, including the Vectors, Krons and other tribes move south to raid, Rimdindale invasion is launched, Krons army caught by suprise and destroyed south of Norcheg.

Year 424- Norcheg is sieged, Kronaw surrenders to Northern fleet, Monterport sieged by Rimdaler auxilary, Northern army sieges Avern, Northern fleet goes over Land and sieges Vectorburgh. Avern falls.

Year 425- Norcheg surrenders, Vectors destroy a third of Northern Fleet, Rimdindale army ends siege at Vectorburgh, it is burnt to ash, Monterport surrenders, Rovlen surrenders, Last major city, Tragar, falls to Rimdindale empire.

Year 426- Organized warfare ends, most tribes surrender, some continue fighting in the mountians, Hons Grencheg, chief of the Vector tribe is exacuted in Rimton. Wrenvogs switched to Rimdindale during the war, they rule as govenors over Vectorstron, they crush most of the mountian rebels.

Year 427- Congren Firebane announces a close to the War of the Grey Mountians and announces a new era of peace, Greensharde becomes a client state to Rimdindale for safety.

Year 430- Congren Firebane dies of natural causes at age 70 , his son Sean Firebane is crowned Emperor at age 26, Empire prepares for a good rain.

Year 431- Sean Firebane marries a Noblewomen from Kentrine.

Year 435- Tannermith takes more Islands from Reinmith, another war begins between the two.

Year 436- War ends again, Reins loses 2 isles and colonies in Tannermith.

Year 437- Tannermith opens trade routes to Teramont.

Year 450- Minsele has a long era of peace.

Year 455- Vector tribes lose most of their idenity from Assimalation.

Year 465- Sean Firebane dies of natural causes at age 61. His son Jon Firebane is crowned at age 20.

Year 467- Emperor of Rimdindale sends word to Peral to join the empire, Peral refuses.

Year 468- Emperor of Rimdindale marries a noblewomen from Canton.

Year 470- War is declared on Peral by The Empire of Rimdindale.

Year 471- Northern Fleet blockades Rose Town, Peral's small navy wins a unbelieveable victory over the Royal Navy in Noon Bay due to the Emperor inexperince at sea warfare, Second Battle of Noon Bay leaves the Peral navy in ruins. Rosetown surrenders to Northern Fleet.

Year 472- Siege of Noonvale ends after a week with the surrender of Lady Antusa Greenmeadow, Peral is absorbed by the Rimdindale Empire, Jon Firebane announces grand victory and says his achievements are as great as his Grand Father Congren, (No one believes this but himself).

Year 475- Monk order in Peral is dissolved by Rimdindale's EMperor.

Year 479- Head of the Monk Order of the Rose (Peral monk order) is hanged in Rocktide.

Year 485- Emperor of Rimdindale's wife dies, he marries again at age 50, 9 months later.

Year 490- Emperor of Rimdindale taxes Rimdaler Greensharde to near revolt.

Year 491- Teramont raids Reinmiths shores again.

Year 495- Emperor of Rimdindale dies when choking on food at age , his 9 year old son of his new wife is crowned instead of his eldest by his first wife, his name is Kendare Firebane, his mother Lucia Firebane rules in his stead.

Year 496- Riots in Protonale are put down.

Year 499- Lucia Firebane dies of a strange diease (Caused by too at age 32. Kendare, a dim witted soul now takes on full role of Emperor at age 13.

Year 500- Emperor of Rimdindale has his empire celebrate his 14th birthday across the Empire.

Year 510- Emperor of Rimdindale grows up to seem to be like his Grandfather Sean.

Year 515- New civil laws are made and living standards improve across the Empire of Rimdindale, to everyones suprise Kendare is not dimwitted or like his Father.

Year 520- Peace is upon much of the Empire, Reinmith finally pushes all Teramont invaders out again.

Year 526- Kendare marries a Dorumden noblewomen and has 9 kids, 7 boys and 2 girls, he is also known to father a few bastards.

Year 530- Tannermith's New King, Andorm Tolge bans worship of all gods and makes all Tannermith children go to school daily.

Year 532- Emperor Kendare Firebane dies hunting bears in Trimden at age 41.

Year 533- Kendares kids plunge Rimdindale into a MAJOR civil war and Minsele is torn to pieces between the 4 living sons of Kendare ( All the rest were all killded by the living brothers).

Year 535- King Tiberous Firebane controls Greensharde, Kentrine, and Sunmore. King Anchours Firebane controls Trimden, Canton, and Vectorstron. King Yoton Firebane controls Peral Isle, Rimdindale, Mortanspeal, and Dorumden and also has the Loyalty of the Royal navy and army.

Year 536- King Tiberous is murdered by assasins in Centurine. The Northern fleet beats the Royal navy off the coast of Noonvale.

Year 537- Tirberous' holdings is taken by Anchours who claims to Tiberous' supporters that Yoton has done it. Battles errupt on the Kentrine-Rimdindale border.

Year 538- The Northern Fleet burns Caringtin in Mortanspeal, Yoton employs the Teramont navy to sink the Northern fleet, The Teramont navy sinks the Northern fleet off the coast of Caringtin.

Year 539- The Royal Navy captures Fenheim and Trimden switchs to Yotons side along with Vectorstron.

Year 540- Riots across Kentrine erupt and Kentrine and Greensharde switch to Yoton. Sandwave is sacked by the Royal army and Duskenspear is sieged by the Northern fleet. All Vector army loyal to Yoton ferries to Caton and begins burning and killing everything in their path, they burn the grand College of Rossden to ash.

Year 545- Trembale is taken and Anchorus is found amoung the dead defenders, Sunmore and Canton switch to Yoton.

Year 546- Emralda is taken, civil war is over. Yoton Firebane at age 40 announces peace in the Empire of Rimdindale.

Year 550- Emperor marries a Peral Isle noble and vows to be peaceful for the rest of his days, he has one son.

Year 555- Teramont King prospects raiding the Mortanspeal coast.

Year 565- Emperor Yoton falls ill with leperce.

Year 568- College of Rossden rebuilt and repaired.

Year 570- Emperor Yoton, on his death bed revives the Order of the Rose in Peral Isle.

Year 571- Emperor Yoton Firebane dies of diease, His 21 year old son Marius Firebane is crowned Emperor of Rimdindale.

Year 572- Capital of The Rimdindale Empire is moved to Chestertown by the Emperor.

Year 575- Taxes are raised to its highest ever to pay for the Emperor's palace.

Year 577- Revolts in Kentrine and Sunmore erupt. Rebellion in Vectorstron is renewed by a relitive of Hons Grencheg, who led the Vector tribes against Rimdindale during the rule of Congren firebane almost 180 years ago.

Year 580- Mortanspeal revolts, Norbfert becomes a battle ground between loyalists and Mortan rebels.

Year 581- Kentrine govoner Prectus morteran is killed by noblemen who re-create the Kingdom of Kentrine, The Kingdom of Greensharde attacks Rimdindale Empire and takes back lost land, Greensharde also invades Reinmith and takes a piece of its main Island.

Year 585- The Emperor Marius Firebane is murdered by assasins, the empire shatters into fragements and the Firebane line dies after hundreds of years of Rule.

Year 600- After a bloody free for all the nations of Mortanspeal, Dorumden, Peral Isle, Teramont, Vectorstron, Trimden, Rimdindale, Sunmore, Kentrine, Tannermith, Reinmith, and Greensharde stand alone.

Year 605- Canton breaks away from Sunmore and the Kingdom of Canton is formed.

Year 610- All leaders of each faction sign a truce to not attack the other for 20 years.

Year 630- The truce is 2 months from ending and every nation prepares for war and to see you will make their own Empire or even reclaim the old.

About FriendshipEdit

1st. Word For Best FriendsEdit

  • accepting
  • affectionate
  • agreeable
  • always
  • always there
  • amiable
  • appreciated
  • appreciative
  • beautiful
  • best
  • blessed
  • brotherly
  • buddy-buddy
  • caring
  • cheerful
  • cherished
  • close
  • comfortable
  • comforting
  • connected
  • considerate
  • dear
  • dependable
  • devoted
  • easy
  • effortless
  • enjoyable
  • everyday
  • extraordinary
  • faithful
  • favorite
  • fond
  • forever
  • fortunate
  • friendly
  • fun
  • funnest
  • generous
  • genuine
  • grateful
  • grounded
  • happy
  • heartfelt
  • heartwarming
  • important
  • in agreement
  • in common
  • innermost
  • intimate
  • irreplaceable
  • kind
  • kindhearted
  • lasting
  • long-lasting
  • loving
  • loyal
  • meaningful
  • mutual
  • nicest
  • noble
  • one-of-a-kind
  • ours
  • perfect
  • personal
  • precious
  • priceless
  • profound
  • rare
  • real
  • receptive
  • relaxing
  • reliable
  • remarkable
  • shared
  • sincere
  • sisterly
  • special
  • steadfast
  • supportive
  • sweet
  • thankful
  • thoughtful
  • timeless
  • together
  • touching
  • treasured
  • tried-and-true
  • true
  • trustworthy
  • uncommon
  • unconditional
  • understanding
  • unique
  • unpretentious
  • unselfish
  • uplifting
  • valued
  • warm
  • warmhearted
  • wonderful
  • a friendly face
  • helping hand
  • accord
  • acquaintance
  • admiration
  • adventure
  • advice
  • affection
  • ally
  • amigo
  • angel
  • back
  • best buds
  • best friend
  • blessing
  • blossoming friendship
  • bond
  • bosom buddy
  • brethren
  • brotherhood
  • buddy
  • camaraderie
  • caring
  • character
  • chat
  • cheer
  • chum
  • clique
  • closeness
  • club
  • comfort
  • communication
  • companion
  • companionship
  • company
  • concern
  • confidante
  • connection
  • conversation
  • decisions
  • devotion
  • discussion
  • disposition
  • encouragement
  • fellowship
  • forgiveness
  • free therapy
  • friend
  • friendly face
  • friendship
  • fun
  • girl friend
  • good times
  • guy friend
  • happiness
  • heart
  • history
  • honesty
  • hug
  • humor
  • inspiration
  • interaction
  • joy
  • kindness
  • life
  • loyalty
  • mate
  • memories
  • mentor
  • old friend
  • pal
  • partner
  • personality
  • playmate
  • presence
  • qualities
  • rapport
  • relationship
  • reliance
  • saint
  • sanity
  • secrets
  • security
  • sentiment
  • shared interests
  • shoulder
  • shoulder to cry on
  • sisterhood
  • smile
  • someone special
  • soul mate
  • spirit
  • strength
  • sunshine
  • support
  • supporter
  • team
  • therapist
  • therapy
  • thoughtfulness
  • thoughts
  • ties
  • trust
  • us
  • warmth
  • willingness
  • wisdom
  • accept
  • adore


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