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Are you tough? I don't think so ? Are you Then prove it ! By writing a short story about a Disaster ! 


TianTheFrienshipper (Disaster, Story 1)Edit

It was a dark and stormy night, when the howling of the dogs started their domination over the silent night. My chain of thoughts were detatched by the bus conductor when he asked me about the place I had to get down. He replied calmly that we have passed that place and I had to get down at the next stop. I was startled by his coolness and was worried as the place I was about to get down was famous for Black magic kinda stuff.. it was a Ghost steam .!! I couldn’t call my dad as my cell phone had died temporarily as there was no charge in it. It was a god forsaken place and nobody was around except a few stray dogs. I could see a man sitting on a stool below the dim street light. He was huge with big moustache and thick glasses but had a frail voice contradicting his heavy personality. I was too scared to talk to a stranger at that time. He insisted to give a drop to my home which I politely declined but he forced me to sit on his bike and started towards my home. It was a winter night and even in the chilled weather I was sweating cos of the fear. I was again lost in my thoughts when I heared a sudden thud of something heavy falling. I turned to look at the place where the sound came from. And the moment I looked forward, shivers ran down my spine and I was speechless, the big guy was not there but the bike was moving. I lost consciousness and fainted immediately.! I woke up to find that it was just a horrible dream and nothing else and it was so much relieving. But it was not over yet, the conductor came to me and said that he didnot notice me as I was the only one in the bus. The place I had to get down had passed already and we were approaching the bus stop. But he assured me and told not to worry as there was a person who was going to my town and he had no problems in dropping me. He pointed at the man sitting infront of me. I almost died when the person waved at me as he was the same guy from the dream. THE END