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• 8/11/2014

Appreciation Announment 1 (Series 3, Series 4, Series 5)

Appreciation 3: The limited Appreciation series. Coming at 12 August to 20 August! Cause on this appreciation you could make an appreciation for yourself if your edits reaching big milestone of Edits! Only allowing 800 or higher or Chat Mod and Admins only to do an appreciation on Admin and Chat Mods Only part it allows from 95 or higher. Rollbacks and Bots come from a Medium part that is allowing 150 or higher with and exception of the edit 1.000 the highest royal even Chatmod, Rollback, Regular users and Admin can use it is the goodest part! you can create a new page with an automatic shot ask the Admins/Rollback/Chatmod/Bot/Bot-global/Wikia-util/VSTF on this wiki to do it with an exception the user Wikia and the Community Teams and the bot and likely others are just for trial bot, bot-global, wikia util and VSTF's. and The awesome one of it, Is.. The user of the Year from August 2014 to August 2015! and it is has limitation of Days, remember it.

Appreciation 4: The new appreciation, Coming soon at 21 August to 15 September!

Appreciation 5: The new appreciation, Coming soon at 16 September to 28 September!

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• 8/11/2014

Tian I think it should not be here This is nice But I wan tyou to make some silly and funny stories ! So aRe you going to write them ? We are going to have this feature when this wiki got more popular okay ? :)

• 8/12/2014

Our wiki is really popular! and Every one must by love it. Currently we having 12 users! 

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