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• 8/10/2014

New Features On Real True Friendship Wiki !

Hello,Everyone We are having new features on our wiki.Some of the features are going to be announced now:

1 . My Sillame Page

2 . My New Week Themed Blog Post.

3 .I am a Funny Character !


My Sillame Page :

In this page when you'll request for friendy name then you will make a page about your sillame (Silly name).You'll write funny jokes and Funny little stories and funny raps/songs/poems/limericks etc. (This Feature is not on You'll know when this Feature will be on)

My New Week Themed Blog Post :

In this Feature,You will Make Blog post according to the theme of the week.You can write song/rap/limerick,jokes,short stories according to the theme.(This Feature is on from today) The theme will be for a week only.From this sunday to the other Sunday (1 week) and then again and again.This Week Theme is "Love/Romance"

I am Funny Character :

You'll use your sillame and make yourself a sillacter (Silly Character) Write what stupid or Funny things you do and Write some happy moments and Add a Trivia (A trivia is compalsory) (This feature is not on You'll know when it will be on)

I hope you like the features.We are going to add more features soon and all the features will be on as fast as I can Thank you tell the remarks in the comment below :

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• 8/13/2014

Awesom3 ! <3

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