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• 5/29/2018

Welcome to Discussions!

This is the place to talk about your favorite topic, to share news, theories, ideas, and to connect with others. The content from your Forum has been converted to Discussions posts, so nothing has been lost.

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Have fun!
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• 6/7/2016

Applying For Admin

Name: Hammad Khalid
Age: 13
Experience: Gaming
Applying For: The Administration At The Gaming Portion
Skills: Awesome At Games
Strengths: Can Play Games For Hours Without Getting Tired
Weaknesses: Pretty Emotional
Duration Of Using Social Websites: 2-3 years
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• 6/2/2016

Hey It's Maham Qureshi. I'm writing to express my strong interest in working on your website. As an administration assistant. I'm highly capable, I'm good in gaming social media and etc. My ability to

It's Maham Qureshi.
I'm writing to express my strong interest in working on your website. As an administration assistant. I'm highly capable, I'm good in gaming social media and etc. My ability to get along well with others. I have successfully completed my matriculation. In short period of time, I acquired good understanding of principles and practices of association, planning, records management and wide-ranging administration. My ability to converse efficiently, as well as my writing and analytical skills were all greatly enhanced. I believe my background and skills closely match your job requirements and I am confident I can make a positive contribution to your website.

Thank you for taking the time to review my attached resume. Should you have any questions, contact me as your earlier convenience. I look forward to hearing from you. 😊
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• 6/1/2016

Talk about admin request application

This is Application for a Bureaucrat.
I wanna be that cause i think i could be a good admin and handle things better with a responsibility and for me this is worth of any big reponsibility , I am good at gaming and social media stuffs and i am most active person on any social media too. I am willing to be a Oscar winner Actor and then deticate that Oscar to my star of life Mr. Shah Rukh Khan ,( dont tell anyone please). I can put my all afforts on any task given by any senior member or admin .
I hope these details are enough for being approved as Bureaucrat . Thank You
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• 5/20/2015

My Friendy Name

I'd like to call it '''''SpongeCandyFriends'''''
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• 5/20/2015

"Some Days Off" (Post 1)

I've decided to some days off-ed. Because my activity is not too much, and my browser is not online.
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• 5/20/2015

CSS Colors!

I am going to represent CSS colors by help of my friend. :D

Bureaucrats: Lime or Custom
Admins/Sillame Incharge: Cyan or Custom
Users: Custom! :)
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• 10/1/2014

New Room/House Feature !

There's a new feature on the wiki ! Make your fantasy home or room and invite your friends for a sleepover and part or fun time ! Make page of your Room or House like This : <NAME>'s House/Room.    It will be fun and please The admins add your rooms kindly.
Thank You ! Have Fun !!!
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• 9/16/2014

URL Update!

Hello, dear friends! Now, please look at the wiki's URL. It's, am i wrong? No, i'm not wrong :) I contact with Wikia Staffs and i wanted change this wiki's URL. What do you think? :))
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• 9/4/2014

Attention To The Staff Members.(Staff members Read it)

There is a new board named "Some Days Off" This Board is for Staff members only.There will be some more new rules and they are going to be announced as soon as possible by me.
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• 8/26/2014

Wikia Website

Visit our website here.
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• 8/21/2014

My Sillame !

I want my sillame to be "SlipWithAKnot"
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• 8/15/2014

Monthly Party

Love Day is coming soon on September 2014
Bugs Day is coming soon on late October 2014
Boat Day is coming soon on November 2014
Clock Day is coming soon on December 2014
Smiling Day is coming soon on January 2015
Rubber Day is coming soon on February 2015
Friends Day is coming soon on late March 2015
Ice Day is coming soon on early April 2015.
Tian's Birthday is coming soon on early March 2015
Asmita's Birthday is coming soon on early October 2014
1y Wiki's Birthday is coming soon on middle March 2015
Fireworks Event is coming soon on late April 2014
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• 8/13/2014

My Sillame:

Hello,I want my sillame to be "TheAppleGun". I am waiting for the reply :D
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• 8/12/2014

My Sillame!

TianTheFrienshipper's sillame is a part of Real True Friendship Friendy Name/Sillame!
My Own FriendyName called: "TheSlimeyBanana"

Main article: Tian's Friendy Names
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• 8/12/2014

Bug Defeater

I leave a helping hand to one of you my RtfMania. Because there are many bugs on our Main page there is many ads and bugs in our main page. Please help finding shy looking bugs, There are many bugs with the ads, You have to command the bugs to go "While fixing the bugs" and you must contact Wikia immadiatelly and one of them who give a bug a break for a year and say to the bugs "DO NOT COME BACK HERE" that will be helpful
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• 8/11/2014

"I am Funny Character" Feature On !

Hello Everyone ! I am Funny Character is now available ! For more Info go Check The Example
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• 8/11/2014

My Sillame

I am Founder so,Who will approve me Idk But I'll tell you what I am going to use for my sillame and I want you guys to give me comments for telling me that "yeah it's nice !"
I want My Sillame To :
TheSillyFace. Thank you.
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• 8/11/2014

Cade's Friendy name!

Hello, I've been made the new Sillame in-charge and I would like to make a request for my Friendy Name to be: "TheAtomApple." Thank you for your time!
-You know me~
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• 8/11/2014

Appreciation Announment 1 (Series 3, Series 4, Series 5)

Appreciation 3: The limited Appreciation series. Coming at 12 August to 20 August! Cause on this appreciation you could make an appreciation for yourself if your edits reaching big milestone of Edits! Only allowing 800 or higher or Chat Mod and Admins only to do an appreciation on Admin and Chat Mods Only part it allows from 95 or higher. Rollbacks and Bots come from a Medium part that is allowing 150 or higher with and exception of the edit 1.000 the highest royal even Chatmod, Rollback, Regular users and Admin can use it is the goodest part! you can create a new page with an automatic shot ask the Admins/Rollback/Chatmod/Bot/Bot-global/Wikia-util/VSTF on this wiki to do it with an exception the user Wikia and the Community Teams and the bot and likely others are just for trial bot, bot-global, wikia util and VSTF's. and The awesome one of it, Is.. The user of the Year from August 2014 to August 2015! and it is has limitation of Days, remember it.
Appreciation 4: The new appreciation, Coming soon at 21 August to 15 September!
Appreciation 5: The new appreciation, Coming soon at 16 September to 28 September!
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